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Dr Heiko Schöning arrested at Speaker's Corner

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Dr Schöning travelled from Germany to speak at the Freedom Rally at Trafalgar Square, London, Sept 26

Dr Heiko Shöning was arrested at Speakers Corner after the people took the event to Hyde park, having been shut down in Trafalgar Square.

Anna Brees Interviewed Dr Heiko Schöning before he spoke at the event of Sept 26, 2020. Dr Schöning represents “ACU2020,” the extra parliamentary inquiry committee in Germany. They are a group of professors, lawyers, and doctors exposing the truth of Covid-19. They do not see any scientific evidence of a global pandemic.

Dr Heiko Schöning later spoke on his release from 20 hours in police custody.

"Think about what is going on in this country. If you don't have the right to speak out at the very place of speaker's corner where is this country going to? And where is the world going to?"

"Parliaments of the world failed to establish a proper a parliamentary Covid-19 enquiry committee, so we the people have the duty to perform this. We have now had over 20 hearings. We invite you internationally to take part in this movement. We hope this protest will establish the Doctors of Truth in Great Britain."

Editor's note. Each of these videos originally appeared on YouTube, and all were subsequently deleted by YouTube.


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