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Empty UK Hospitals 03/01/21

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the empty hospital / heaving hospital information war. We've even seen a woman in her nightgown get handcuffed in her home and carted off to a police station, Gestapo-style, after posting a clip of a deserted hospital in Gloucestershire.

It's all heating up as the UK enters 2021 in a state of severe nationwide lockdown. There is no hope of an opposition debate with Keir Starmer demanding ever more fascistic lockdowns.

The justification of this second wave of lockdowns is a surge in 'cases' using the scientifically meaningless PCR test. The mainstream media is additionally reporting on 'overwhelmed hospitals' with footage of ambulances lined up outside the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on 29th Dec.

The Daily Mail issued dire warnings that London patients could be shipped up to Yorkshire with medics in 'Tier 4 hotspots' facing horrendous life or death decisions.

StandUpX went to investigate. The first stop was London Nightingale Hospital, constructed at a cost of £220 million, now completely empty. It is described by ITV as being on standby. So why the necessity to export patients north?

The next stop was the very epicentre of the ambulance queue, the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

We see no ambulance action whatsoever on Dec 30, exactly one day after the dramatic media report of bumper to bumper ambulances.

To add to the mixed messages, on Jan 03rd, The Express came out with this statement:

Professor Allyson Pollock, a leading public health expert from Newcastle University said: “We have a lockdown driven by a lack of hospital capacity and this is due to major bed cuts and closures...we are not seeing more people in hospitals but a lack of bed capacity causing the problems.”

Earlier in the week (Dec 27th) Debbie Hicks made this impassioned film of the completely dead Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

It was a popular post, but her subsequent arrest at home in her nightie was a shock not only to her, but to stunned people all over the UK and the world. It made mainstream headlines in the UK and the US.

She shared her thoughts on the ordeal on New Years Eve.

She feels the UK police force "have become a political police, acting out political actions as we've seen in other countries which are totalitarian. They cannot be called police anymore. It's just aggression, it's force, it's violence. That's what I've witnessed and experienced. It's violence."

She advises anyone who is arrested to immediately ask for the code of conduct, and read every page.

When asked about the mystery of empty UK hospitals, she feels that they are using the exaggerated lie of the extent of Covid to shut down essential NHS services. As a result of this, people do become ill, and then we have a problem in the population. It's a complete travesty of justice that you've got hospitals in London that could be dealing with things like cancer and heart disease, but they're empty.

Her New Years message is we've got to be brave! Lose your fears and support all these rallies!


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