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Epic Turnout for London March Against Medical Coercion and Vax Passports

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Despite a tube strike the turnout was huge for the Dec 18 march in London against medical coercion and vax passports.

There was a great atmosphere starting in Parliament Square at noon, marching through Victoria and Central London, ending up in Downing Street around four hours later. In the face of endless fear propaganda, booster hysteria, and the denigration of the un-jabbed, people stood strong together today in numbers.

This comes 2 days after the government released a report revealing that over 20 million people in England have not had even one Covid jab. See page 82 of the Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report, Week 50.

This includes children, so unvaccinated 'eligible people' is around 15 million. Anyone tuning into mainstream media would have been aware of the 5 million number batted around by lying or mis-informed pundits. They have endeavoured to create the illusion that the unvaccinated population is so small and marginalised already, they can be dehumanised. So people like the (Rothschild-owned) Economist editor Anne McEnvoy feel entitled to create inflammatory headlines calling the unvaxxed a 'Lethal Liability' we can ill afford. Whose liability is that? A liability to your elite plan to subjugate the masses with digital ID, tracking and bodily ownership?

So these lethal liabilities came out onto the streets - one of the few places where we have a public voice now to proclaim our opposition. To vax passports, medical coercion, using children as lab rats, and societal segregation.

The mainstream media reported not much of the very large peaceful protest, but instead screamed headlines of 'minor injuries' of police - who were, by the way, not interfering at all the entire day. These 'scuffles' came long after the main protest had concluded. As I understand it, protestors were knocking down barriers in front of Downing Street.

We, the 20 million un-jabbed of England - and all those who took a jab and will take no more - will not be marginalised so easily!

Don't forget the New Years Eve Party in London! Fireworks and Freedom!


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