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Freedom needs Cash! Take Action Now

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Help achieve 250,000 signatures!
Which? is running a campaign to protect cash.

Here is what we will face as a cashless society:

  • All transactions - everything you buy - and everywhere you go on public transport and toll roads - will be monitored and controlled by the state.

  • Centralised government digital currencies are programmable. This means the government can program money to buy certain things and block other things. The government can easily enforce rations through digital money. They can cut off essentials if you disobey or protest the government.

  • Governments are exploring the concept of expiring digital money. This means everything you earn could have an expiry date, making it impossible to save for the future.

  • If there is a power outage, you will have no ability to buy essentials or fuel.

  • No cash discounts, cash tips, or tax free trade will exist. All goods will be regulated 100%.

  • Your digital currency will be easily linked to your Digital ID, your Digital Health Passport and your Social Credit Score. No Booster? No Money.

Remember - Use cash as much as you can!

Find out more about the plan by G7 nations to replace paper money with digital currency

Download & print out these leaflets and distribute to traders and shoppers.


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