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How to Talk to People

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

As we mingle with old friends and family, we can't help but notice how like banging our heads against a brick wall the conversational experience has become.

We used to be able to express our views about hot topics of the day, and not meet with abuse and relationship meltdown. We used to have debates - sometimes even heated.

We are now experiencing social censorship. Expressing a dissenting view is now akin to attacking the dominant group - who have joined together in fear of a common enemy - which used to be Covid, and is now beginning to resemble me and you. It helps to understand this psychology, which occurs within totalitarian societies.

Prof. Mattias Desmit explains why people are still believing the mainstream narrative, and what is needed to wake them-up.

It's important not to give up talking to people. Sometimes this is all we can do on a daily basis. Psychologists agree that questions, stories and metaphors reach highly-hypnotised people more effectively than plain facts can.

We need to modify our approach to speaking to people to get anywhere. The site, founded by David Charalambous, (interviewed in the first video), has a great list of Dos and Don'ts.

This list of Dos and Don'ts requires patience. A lot of people I talk to feel at wits end - with patience at an all time low. But we must press on. It's the battle of our lives and it's not going to be easy.


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