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Huge Turnout to Protest for Freedom in London 20/03/21

Updated: May 17, 2021

Saturday was a wonderfully invigorating and inspiring day in London, as tens of thousands marched, joining the International March for Freedom Day. It was the largest protest in the UK since lockdowns began 1 year ago.

A great turnout of highly energised citizens marched all around the city - from Hyde Park, through Whitehall and the City of London, along the Embankment and finally back to Hyde Park to voice opposition to global health tyranny and life destroying lockdowns.

We had great support from drivers honking their horns and people cheering us on from bridges along the Embankment.

Mainstream media does nothing but mock and denigrate people protesting for our basic freedoms and humanity, so it was great to see they have not destroyed our spirit. Here is an account from somebody who was there. Thanks to everybody who participated and lets have even more next time!

Here is a sampling of the protests around the world on March 20, 2021.

International Compilation

London, UK

Edinburgh, Scotland

Melbourne, Australia

Toronto, Canada

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Belgrade, Serbia

Split, Croatia

Bern, Switzerland

Kassel, Germany

Kiev, Ukraine


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