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March for Medical Freedom 29/05/21

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Thank you everyone who came for this epic march in London. The No Vax Passport sentiment was strong and defiant as was the outrage at Vax experimentation on children.

It was a huge crowd which began in Parliament Square and swelled as it moved towards Oxford Street along Whitehall - appearing to be a river of humanity, united for freedom.

It was great to see the march progress all the way to West London, ending up in Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush. This brought our message, our energy, and our impact to more people on a busy shopping day.

As Patrick Henningsen of UK Column tweeted - the signage was off the charts!

It's difficult to gage what the numbers were, but it was certainly not the 'hundreds' claimed by the London Metro. It was in the hundreds of thousands across the day, certainly getting closer to that million mark!

The Express chose to report on a small 'Kill the Bill' protest taking place at Russell Square. If this rally was for real, one wonders if it was created explicitly for this purpose of distraction and confusion. The public wouldn't even know what the large protest was about, reading the Express. Meanwhile the Daily Mail captured some rather good photos.

At least Russia Today correctly described 'droves of people flooding London...united by their mistrust of how the British government is handling the Covid-19 situation'. As we have come to expect, the BBC was silent on the protest. However, activists are making concerted efforts to communicate to the corporation that we are not happy with their fear based propaganda.

The night before the London May 29th protest, at the BBC London office.

This is a brilliant expose from Resistance GB of the monolithic lie machine which is the mainstream media.

Lets keep up the pressure, keep making our voices heard, keep resisting medical tyranny, and lets make that million mark next time!


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