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Massive Pro-Freedom Crowds Marched through London 24/04/21

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who gathered in London for the protest Saturday 24 April. It was truly an awe inspiring turnout with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets, marching for 5 hours though central London and The City. We came from all over the UK to defend sovereignty of our lives and bodies. We came from absolutely all walks of life - NHS nurses, veterans, Sikhs for Justice, business people, entertainers, home workers, and parents. The atmosphere was defiant, jubilant and strong. Vax passports and mandatory shots were the focus of many people's minds and placards.

A friend commented - "I feel better now - don't you? If things get tough we know there are this many people willing to stand together and help each other out."

The mainstream media coverage can be described as misleading at best. Searching the BBC website for 'Protest' on April 25th, one can find coverage of Arsenal fans gathering to protest against club's owners 2 days prior, but nothing about the entire of central London overtaken by hundreds of thousands of protestors against government Corona policies and the threat of Vax Passports.

Sky News reported:

"A march initially said to be part of the "Kill the Bill" movement against laws granting greater powers to police was seemingly usurped by those protesting about coronavirus."

The march never had anything to do with Kill the Bill. From the beginning it was shared as 'Unite for Freedom #onemillionplus'. So why would that statement be made?

On Twitter, the BBC disinformation unit were busily belittling the protestors as 'conspiracy theorists' and QAnon supporters. By the way 'Save Our Children' is not a copyright protected slogan of QAnon.

The independent Unity News Network declares this propaganda to be a direct attack on us, the people. Have a look at their Emergency Broadcast. The TRUTH about yesterday's freedom rally (quick before it's censored!)

Meanwhile the Daily Mail chose to smear all protestors as thugs, and the Telegraph headline focused on injured police, not the hundreds of thousands protestors who were completely peaceful until a small group celebrating in the park was attacked after the protest was over. It will be clear to all participants of this event that the main stream media's modus operandi is bias, lies, and evasion - rather than reportage - of news. #defundtheBBC

We can show you exactly what happened here.

You can see that any police injuries are completely due to the senseless violence that they themselves provoked. Police attacked peaceful people having a singalong with Jam for Freedom at a moment in the evening when most people were leaving the area anyway. They barged in aggressively in attack formation. The reaction they got was understandably outraged and they were pushed back by people defending themselves against police violence. You can see men and women struggling to keep police and people apart to prevent fights. And sadly, amidst their failed attempt to break up the party, police brutally arrested Nacho and took him off in a police van for unknown reasons.

However - despite this disgraceful police action and mainstream news betrayal, there is so much reason to celebrate and feel absolutely empowered by the day! We managed to rally this many people to meet in London to raise our voices for freedom from Medical Tyranny - DESPITE censorship and no support or advertising on ANY mainstream channel. DESPITE a constant vitriolic smear campaign from the mainstream media against any person who disagrees with government policies attempting to destroy our freedoms and sovereign rights. WE DID IT! And we had a marvellous time doing it! I'm sure we all met new people and made new friends. It's fantastic and we will do it again. LETS GET TO THAT MILLION MARK AND BEYOND!

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