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Mentally preparing for Protest

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's one week to go until the big one in London on the 24th, and next week we will send details out of what to expect and when. We will announce a ‘general gathering location’ ahead of the official start point.

King Peter the Virile (video channel) has given us great advice on our rights regarding the police in the past, and did a useful appraisal of our rally tactics on the 20th. This clip is worth reviewing (and mentally add LINK ARMS).

We pushed through police lines on the 20th using this tactic, but we can strive to be more consistent with this when we see the yellow vests approaching.

Key Points:

- Unity is key

- People need to stick together and walk at a consistent speed - when there are gaps in the march, police use the opportunity to slide in and block the road

- When there are stragglers, police pick people off

- Protestors can walk straight into the police and push on past, but this only works when protestors work as a solid block

- Do not make eye contact or speak to police. Engaging with police often leads to arrest.

Here is the full video of ‘King Peter’s’ review of the 20th

See you on Saturday 24th April! Lets make it even MORE EPIC than March 20!

Join this Telegram Channel for info and locations on the day - both in Glasgow and London.


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