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Jan 22 Protest for Freedom with NHS

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

As David Icke summarised, "We have achieved SO MUCH and we must keep the pressure on till the job is done because it’s not over – far, far, from it".

It was a great show of strength and persistence for protesters in London and across the UK, including Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Cardiff. NHS mandates were very much a central theme - with many NHS staff out representing NHS100K.

A petition with 170k signatures to prohibit employers from requiring the Covid-19 vaccine has prompted a Parliamentary debate which will be held Monday Jan 24.

NHS protestors stood in defiance against mandates and declared the unvaxxed were busy covering for vaxxed staff off sick.

The protest started off at the BBC Central London premises. BBC reporting on the event was difficult to find on the day. However the protest was mentioned in an article about the proposed government 'pause' on NHS vax mandates - which were scheduled to result in mass firings April 01st. This pause became known to protestors as we gathered on Saturday.

Despite the government announcement the other day that Covid restrictions will be relaxed, there is still an inexplicable drive to test children in school and push Covid shots on all ages. On Jan 17th, teenagers aged 16 and 17 became 'eligible' for a booster shot in England. So there is no room for complacency in this movement. We must continue to fight to protect our young people and combat the crushing media propaganda and lies supporting these deadly experimental gene therapy shots.

After strenuous grass roots pushback and alternative media publishing, life in England has not yet sunk to the ultimate fascistic lows that so much of the EU is experiencing. Protests across Europe were also strong, with reports from Brussels illustrating people are reaching boiling point.

We will keep fighting till all of this nonsense is gone for good!


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