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Worldwide Freedom Rally in London 24/07/21

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Protests against Vax Passports and human enslavement to Big Pharma and Big Tech took place in cities around the world on July 24. In London, there were marches as well as a large speaking event in Trafalgar Square. On the ground - it was difficult to hear the speeches near the back of the square, so it is very inspiring to hear them on replay. Thanks to all the videographers!

This was an opportunity to speak to many people - old friends and people I met for the first time. I was asked if I thought this 'made any difference' a few times. My answer is yes. It's an opportunity to have conversations and make valuable connections - even if for a few moments. It is an opportunity to enjoy the support and solidarity of fellow freedom fighters. As David Icke reminded us - 'You Will Never Walk Alone'. There were people wandering in the square who had no idea what was going on - an opportunity to demonstrate that there IS a large number of people who oppose lockdowns, mandatory vax, and health passports.

After the event - it was very encouraging to learn that massive protests had also taken place in Australia as well as Italy, France and cities all over the world.

Freedom Rally Highlights

Speech Replays

Vernon Coleman

David Icke

Gareth Icke

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Piers Corbyn

David Kurten

Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Louise Hampton

Kate Shemirani

Listen to Richie Allen interview Kate Shemirani on 27 July, 2021 after the protest speech and controversy.

Mark Steele

Comment on the Global Rallies


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