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Trial update from Nacho Feb 07
Nacho was found not guilty on both charges.  The support was truly amazing and was a hugely beneficial and empowering factor in getting through it.  Of the 4 people charged with offences, Nacho and another defendant were found not guilty, and the remaining 2 defendants were found guilty, so it was a bittersweet result.

Sentencing will follow on March 17 for the two defendants found guilty at 2pm (updated time), Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London SE1 2HU, London.
All support at this sentencing will be hugely appreciated.

Link to interview with Nacho about the arrest

Link to footage from the day (Oracle films) 


Thurs 30 March

Keep Talking Lecture Series
"Cancel Culture" £5 at the door
7pm for 7:30 start, Teahouse Theatre, 139 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5HL

Sat 15 April

Keep it cash outreach tour
1pm, Bull Ring, Birmingham

Sat 22 April

 1pm, Church Street, Liverpool

Sat 29 April

 12pm,  New Street, Huddersfield


Covid 19 Vaccine Fatalities

From official government sources. Studies show official data is vastly under-reported

As of Feb 03 2023, the UK government has chosen to obfuscate the total Covid-19 vaccine fatality count of the Yellow Card system.  Whereas prior to this date, a table was provided with a summary of all fatalities, now a 'search tool' is provided where the public must search each brand individually, then manually add up a long column of numbers. Fatalities are now associated with a myriad of individual adverse event types, and the govt is choosing to NOT REPORT the exact number of any cluster of fatal events associated with any individual adverse event type if the number of reported deaths is between 1-4 'to protect the privacy of the dead'.  This means there is now no way of knowing how many deaths have been reported in the yellow card system which was created so the public could monitor adverse effects including deaths from pharmaceutical products.  The sum of 2362 Covid 19 vaccine fatalities is as of January 2023.  From this point forward we have no way of knowing accurate numbers. 

Th Pandemic

Pandemic Resources

There is so much conflicting information about the virus that it is difficult to know what to think.
The government policy does not resemble a well-being agenda, but rather a control and profit agenda.


If the lockdowns and social distancing continues, small and medium businesses will go under permanently.

The elderly will continue to live and die in isolation and our children will learn to fear life itself.

Is the virus really so lethal that this New Normal is justified?  Is this the worst virus the world has ever seen?

If we keep consenting to masks, surveillance, jabs, and the demolition of human freedoms - will we ever be free people again?


StandUpX Mission

    We do not consent to the illegal and disproportionate COVID-19 measures.  


    We are living in a state of authoritarian control.  There is no opposition in government.  We do not consent to Government social distancing measures destroying public and private life
    .  We do not accept enforced masks. We do not accept a dictatorship of lockdowns, ruthless demolition of small businesses, invasive medical testing, criminalising peaceful citizens & police brutality.


    Forced, coerced and mandated injections violate the
    Nuremberg Code which states 'the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential' in any human experiment. 

    The trials were rushed and not capable of determining long term impact or comprehensive demographic analysis.  Claims of efficacy are not proven. Additionally, recent analysis concludes that the vaccines carry significant health risks to all members of the public. The risks deserve special attention when it is realised that they include life-changing disabilities and death. This is the largest medical experiment ever conducted on humans, which proposes to alter the human body's natural genetic behaviour. Nobody knows what impact this will have long or short term or how many will be injured or die as a result of this.

    The Pharma companies will NOT BE LIABLE for any injury, death or unacceptable impact caused. If this kills and damages huge numbers of people, the corporations walk away with no consequences and a huge profit.

    The Vax Pass is a total violation of personal privacy and civil liberties. It promotes segregation and hardship for businesses and individuals.  The QR code traffic light system is modelled after the Chinese Social Credit Score system. The QR code in this system is linked to medical information, financial information, daily spending, geo-tracking, bank accounts and social behaviour including social media activity and public protest. It is a system of total control and requires total compliance.  Punishments for non-compliance include restricted movement, refused mortgages, refused rentals, education denial and financial punishment. The number of medical interventions required for compliance is endless, starting with double jabs, unlimited boosters and whatever medication the government wants to force on you. The Vax Pass is the end of personal liberty and a free society.