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Act Now to Protect Your Human Rights

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

MARCH 08 DEADLINE! Did you know the UK government is proposing to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights? This proposes to severely weaken individual human rights in law in the UK.

The govt wants to decide when the 'wider society good' will overrule the individual.

The govt can then abolish or diminish:

• Mask exemptions

• Bodily autonomy - the right to choose to refuse a medical procedure including vaccines

• Disability rights

Furthermore, the bill will limit your ability to defend human rights in court and absolve institutions of the responsibility to uphold human rights.

This is a direct attack on our freedoms. Please take action now!

There is a government survey which is purposely impossible for the public to engage in or take sufficient time out of their lives to understand and complete.

Our recommended action is to email the government:

Tell them what you think about their proposal.

For guidance and a sample email you can use, you can consult Save Our Rights UK

Their letter explains why the survey does not meet Government Consultation Principles.

If you do want to respond using the government survey, guidance is here. Many recommend responding only to question 29. There is guidance on how to respond to question 29 from the British Institute of Human Rights here:

DOWNLOAD SIDE 1 as PDF (to Print)

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