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March for Covid Vaccine Victims 23.07.22

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

On July 23rd in London, UK, we marched for the injustice and suffering of Covid vaccine victims.

Chanting 'Covid Vaccine Kills', we marched - several thousand strong - in solidarity through central London with injured people themselves as well as with family of those who were killed by the shots.

It was a rare opportunity for the vaccine injured and grieving to find support and experience the opportunity to express their grievances without censorship or cancel culture.

GB News has recently featured vaccine victims in a special programme and various interviews. It is so important for vax victims and their families to realise that they are not alone. There are thousands of people who are victims and are finding support with each other - despite the concerted efforts of mainstream media to ignore and belittle them. The medical establishment denies their truth and the government won't return their calls.

For data about specific illnesses and deaths from the Covid vax recorded by the Govt sponsored Yellow Card system see the UK Column's searchable database.

For a list of support groups visit Stop New Normal's Vax Support Resources.


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