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Urgent Call to Action Against Vaccine Passports (AGAIN)

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Participate now in this 'public consultation'.

You don't need to give your name or email address. You can do it multiple times on different devices if they are not joined up.

Many were relieved when the government announced on Sept 12 that the vaccine passes would not be introduced in England. This proved to be a very brief reprieve.

It was said that there was significant opposition to these medical apartheid passes within parliament. However, the government has a new plan to bring in the passports through the back door.

A 'public consultation' has now been created 'if the data suggests the NHS is likely to come under unsustainable pressure'. It is of course guaranteed that the NHS will come under unsustainable pressure in the coming months. Already there is a crisis in care homes as large numbers of staff have quit the profession due to the imposition of mandatory vaccines, constant testing and mask mandates. This care home crisis means many elderly people in hospital can no longer be released to care homes as they normally would, so hospital beds are therefore blocked. Add this to the possibility that thousands of NHS staff may be let go for refusing the vaccine, combined with a continuing increase in heart problems, strokes, neurological disorders and other side effects of the Covid-19 shot.

The government has thus prepared a 'Plan B' solution for England to respond to this government created problem. The survey never once allows a response that totally rejects 'Plan B' and vaccine passes. It only asks you to debate finer points of the inevitable passport. It is corrupt and cowardly. The only opportunity to express total opposition to the passport is in the comments. PLEASE COMMENT (politely - however difficult that feels).

Participate now in this corrupt 'public consultation'.

If you are at a loss for words, consider that it is discriminatory, sets up a medical apartheid system, further harms the economy, is a de-facto vaccine mandate, coerces young people especially into taking an experimental medical treatment, and goes against the UK Parliament's Public Administration and Constitution Affairs Committee report into Covid-19 status certification.


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