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Protestors Around the World Emerge from the Cold

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

It’s slightly warmer, slightly lighter, and Anti-Lockdown protestors are once again rising up like green shoots.

London, UK


In London, a lovely music jam emerged at Bishop’s Park, Fulham. It was a great turnout, and a joyful experience, until the police barged in.

Nevertheless, it felt like spring had arrived, bringing with it a new energy of resistance.

Dublin, Ireland


In Dublin, anti-lockdown protestors were out in the streets in large numbers on Saturday.

Vienna, Austria


Austrians have been taking to the streets in February in large numbers. This video shows police walking in solidarity with protestors.

Hebei Province, China


China continues to subject its citizens to draconian local lockdowns. Thousands demonstrated in Hebei province.



In India, farmers have organised to continue protesting indefinitely against the government in collusion with corporate power taking over their land.

Bologna, Italy


In Italy, restaurant owners in Bologna protested yet another closure order in a local lockdown system now in operation.

Paris, France


In France, the Yellow Vest protestors lead a demonstration against the government’s disastrous policies.

Toronto, Canada


In Canada, citizens were on the streets after the implementation of COVID hotel jails for international travellers.

The Netherlands


And for some good news, the Dutch Court ruled citizens cannot be forced to take a PCR test and must be allowed to re-enter their country.


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