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Sept 26 Protest in Tafalgar Square is an Historic Event

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Both the turnout in the damp cold and the police brutality against peaceful protestors was unprecedented.

Approximately 40k people gathered in Trafalgar square to rally against the extension of the Coronavirus Act in the UK. Speakers included Nacho from StandupX, Heiko Schöning, Piers Corbyn, and David Icke.

David Icke's speech was poetic and prophetic.

"We face a big big challenge. We will not crumble. We will not fail.

The consequences for ourselves, our children and the human family are unthinkable. We cannot fail.

We stand amidst extraordinary, almost unimaginable deceit. A deceit that includes a fake test producing fake cases to produce fake excuses for real fascism.

We are together in the most amazing way today, because we don’t need to pick sides. We don’t need to fight. We don’t need anymore division and conflict. Put down the irrelevant fault lines that divide us and come together in a demand for freedom for the entire human family, not one excluded."

After David Icke's speech, just 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the event, Police unleashed brutality and violence on the peaceful crowd. Earlier, a minute of silence was held for the murdered police officer in Croydon. Repeated health and safety messages were also announced throughout the event to comply with the the legal requirements of the protest, as agreed with the police.

When a portion of the crowd departed to Hyde Park, the police followed in huge numbers with a dozen horses at least, making Hyde Park look like a major terrorism event. They proceeded to arrest Heiko Schöning and several others, while maintaining a threatening presence for protestors in the park.


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