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The Most Massive Raving Freedom Protest in London Yet! 26/06/21

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

What an exhilarating day was June 26 in London! We absolutely overwhelmed central London with our massive numbers, our strength of emotion and our determination to Unite For Freedom.

The helicopter footage is incredible. Who knows the precise turnout, but a million and more feels completely realistic.

It was so huge - that depending on where you were in the crowd - you went to completely different places and saw completely different mini-protest events. OK it was a little chaotic, especially after several hours. The crowds became impossible to direct for the 15 volunteer protest marshals, but who needs perfect control anyway! That's what we are protesting after all. It is simply joyful that the numbers were too huge to get a grip on and everywhere across central London the streets were alive with protests in every form imaginable - raves, drumming, speeches, chants, Hare Krishnas, and free hugs. The other advantage of huge numbers, is there were too many people for the police to intimidate or control. Instead police vehicles became sticker magnets.


The addition of sound systems from the music industry was hugely inspirational for so many people who have been deprived of live music and dancing. Lets continue to support the music industry and freedom to party without Vax, Trax and passports!

Here are a few highlights of the music along the route. #freedomtodance #saveourscene

We Don't Need No Education - see Roger Waters say 'F**k You to Suckerberg'

Save Our Scene Music Industry Protest

Black Cab Party Sound System


There were various 'points of interest' happening around the route - including a visit to Tony Blair's house, and Balls to the Government.

SIGNS OF RESISTANCE There are so many aspects of this totalitarian control system we are facing to highlight and resist.

It's worth joining a protest day like this just to observe the messages of the people.

It is so important we are able to speak without censorship and gather in solidarity. Protests offer this possibility and we continue to build awesome strength and unity. Thank you UK for coming together!

If you would like to volunteer as a marshal at upcoming protests, contact


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