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The World in Protests 19/11/20

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The destruction of human rights and liberties we are witnessing in the UK is a global situation. It helps tremendously to know that we are not alone in our struggle. Here is some round the world footage of our brothers and sisters on the global streets this past week.


First a Victory! The people of Denmark protested for 9 days against a forced vaccination law. Various reports are saying the law was abandoned as a result. Note the pots and pans approach of the people.


German people are protesting against Angela Merkel's Infection Protection Law which creates a legal basis to override rights enshrined in the German Constitution.

Video from COMPACT-Magazin 18.11.20

"Incredible police violence at the demonstration against the Infection Protection Act in Berlin, executed against peaceful citizens including many families and the elderly. The Corona Regime shows its inhuman face." (translated from German)


Slovakia has been subject to lockdowns, partial lockdowns and a nation wide testing programmes, under threat of further lockdowns for non-compliance. A huge march for freedom took place on November 17th in Bratislava, from afternoon till night, on the anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution that peacefully overthrew Czechoslovakia's Communist regime.


Parisians defying lockdown were out in force on Nov 17, enduring teargas and water cannons, protesting against the 'Global Security' bill. This bill would make it illegal to distribute images in which police officers can be personally identified.


A huge protest in Warsaw took place on Nov 11, Polish Independence Day. Demonstrators lit red flares, Poland's flag colour.


Italians continue to protest nationwide, with no respite from lockdown in sight for the people.

Demonstrations in Rome, Italy and Dusseldorf, Germany, Nov 17


Hundreds of restaurant owners, chefs and others working in the hospitality sector gathered on Saturday in downtown Lisbon to protest against the latest coronavirus measures destroying their businesses.

On a positive note, there are reports circulating that a Portuguese Court has Ruled PCR Tests Unreliable.


It's a devastating situation in Hong Kong as the entire opposition to the Chinese Communist Party have walked out of the Legislative Council after four Pro-Democracy legislators were purged. Can freedom be salvaged? Pro-Democracy protestors and politicians vow to fight on.


Protests continue to gain support across the UK. Manchester Protestors speak about their views.


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