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Worldwide Demo Day 15/05/21

Updated: May 18, 2021

All around the world people turned out to rally for freedom and protest against mandatory medical intervention, in particular the freedom crushing proposition of vax passports. Considering the March for Freedom Rally on Saturday 15th May was not billed as the next BIG one in London, there was a fantastic turnout!

On Monday May 17, the UK Column reported the failure of the BBC to report the large demo despite the event making a point of stopping at the BBC London offices. (The BBC reported a smaller, pro-Palestinian protest nearby.) "If the BBC are in the situation where they ARE the news - when their propaganda becomes part of the assault on the people - they either report it or they become irrelevant."

A similar media failure to report the truth about the demo was reported in Plymouth.

In Canterbury, Dr Mike Yeadon was guest speaker. The 30 minute speech is already deleted from YouTube.

And all around the world, people are saying NO to this international Big Pharma - Big Govt control grid seeking to eliminate human freedom permanently on a global scale.

This compilation of Worldwide Demonstration Day captures May 15 footage in The Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Malta, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Philippines & The USA.

Great to see a Filipino rendition of 'You can stick your poison vaxxine up your arse'!

We look forward to seeing you at THE NEXT BIG ONE in London, May 29.


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