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Police State UK, 21/12/20

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Full length video of the Freedom Protest, Dec 19, 2020

Freedom protestors in the UK now regularly confront police violence and brutality. On Saturday Dec 19th in London, hundreds of riot police piled out of van after van and jogged in their military formations to the scene of....what? A thousand or so people, opposed to government Corona measures, walking along Whitehall. The police repeatedly picked off targets, pulled them violently to the ground, and then made a wall of officers blocking the distressing situation. This is standard procedure for unarmed, peaceful people.

To add insult to injury, the mainstream press then described '5 police injuries' as if they were not self inflicted.

Many protestors have begun to feel like the UK is a police state, where free speech and anti-government protest is banned.

What is a 'police state' exactly? It's good to look it up and get some historical definitions. There are many, but this one felt comprehensive.

"A police state is 'characterized by bureaucracy, secrecy, perpetual wars, a nation of suspects, militarization, surveillance, widespread police presence, and a citizenry with little resource against police actions."

Many of these points do line up with our current situation. Boris Johnson is eager to state that we are at war with the virus. All manner of surveillance has been trialled and threatened, including NHS Track & Trace and Health passports. We are a nation of the suspected infected, and are now deemed a threat unless rendered 'safe' via Big Pharma technological intervention.

In terms of government secrecy, this is difficult to get to the bottom of -because it's secretive. This is a thoughtful article posing the question: What role are secretive British army units 77th Brigade and Specialist Group Military Intelligence playing in the UK government’s battle against coronavirus?

The police marching in formation after formation on the streets of London creates a sinister militaristic atmosphere, and certainly as citizens we are defenceless against them. Especially when the courts do not appear to be on the side of citizen freedoms and human rights, as #OurMovement Alex discovered last week. He received the first ever guilty verdict for coronavirus crimes - in his case for gathering in a group of more than two. He vows to fight on, and is crowdfunding legal funds.

These videos present footage of protestors & journalists being arrested over the last couple of weeks in London. The shocking arrest of an elderly woman also made headlines on Nov 24.

(Nov 28, 2020)

(Nov 28, 2020)

(Nov 28, 2020)

(Nov 28, 2020)

This video highlights the politicisation of London policing - with radically different approaches to an Indian Farmer's Bill protest on Dec 12, and the anti-lockdown protest of Dec 19. "Is it a crime to have the wrong opinion?"

In spite of the incredible police violence and intimidation, protestors showed inspiring resilience and courage - managing against the odds to re-form and march after police dispersal on Nov 28th and Dec 19th. Numbers is the key to defeating intimidation and avoiding arrest.

Let's get the numbers higher than ever in 2021!


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